Events Include:

  • Hosted group introduction 

  • Icebreaker

  • Prize ceremony with awards

  • 1 facilitator per 20 guests

  • Date and time: at your convenience, subject to availability

  • Choice of 6 Austin areas

  • 6-10 ppl per team  

  • $65+ per person, 1k minimum

  • Suite of custom event planning services

Premium add-ons:

  • Elite concierge services for recommendations / reservations

  • Weather contingency plan with indoor activities

  • New area in Austin or any city in the US + travel costs

  • Color-coded bandanas and wrist bands for each participant


Choosing the perfect activity for your team can be daunting. We’re here to help. Our team building activities are collaborative, deeply engaging, and provide tons of memories.

Show your team how important they are by choosing this thoughtful, engaging and innovative activity that helps colleagues relax, play, and bond. Getting to know each other in a different light can make a huge difference in keeping employees happy, working effectively, and achieving goals.

We make it effortless for you with our premium end-to-end event planning. We outline your goals and set up regular progress check-ins. Each event includes our creative content, logistics, professional hosting, facilitation, field support, and photos. And we can do this anywhere you like: a hip downtown area, your resort, office, hotel, or a convention center.

Escape the Box is our set of immersive games full of collaboration and competition. Each event begins with an informative, entertaining orientation. Teams then complete intriguing challenges using tools such as vintage maps, cipher wheels, movie props, or even telegrams. You might explore a neighborhood solving clues, produce an award-winning movie, or taste the best food in town.

Our creative prompts lead to an abundance of fun and enthusiastic user-generated photos, all for you to use as you please. It all culminates in a hilarious awards ceremony that will leave everyone laughing, connected, and joined by a sense of shared purpose.

For a deeply satisfying experience that truly engages and connects your team, get in touch!

girls smiling while taking a selfie

Escape the Box

Time Travel: So hot right now! In this competitive market, in order to compete, you have taken the bold step of enrolling in the Pi Institute for Time Travelers, an accelerated 2-hour Master’s program. The good news: You are on the precipice of graduation. The bad news: You will become completely and perilously UNSTUCK IN TIME! Your goal? To get back to the Present.

​ To accomplish this, your team must use tools such as newspapers, maps, and cipher wheels to solve thoughtful, in-story, escape-game-style clues that are stunningly designed to mimic vintage technologies. Along the way, teams will explore an iconic neighborhood, learn about the city, interact with awesome public art, and take prompted, hilarious group photos. It all culminates in a climactic, collaborative final puzzle. When teams complete their journey and ace the final exam, they will earn an advanced degree in Time Travel. One lucky team will even take home the top prize: Time Travel Champions of the World!

Keys to Victory: collaboration; communication; energy; focus; problem solving; creativity; presence



Your group is an independent film production crew and you have been hired by a huge Hollywood firm to make a movie. Your host, Mark O. Scorsese enters to instruct you and cheer you on.

Cast the stars and assign you crew then: Action! You compete against other production teams to shoot the most epic movie imaginable. Acting, cinematography, directing, and additions of your own creative flair will all add up to an award-winning experience.

Next up: The Red Carpet Awards and Screening! We’ll interview you in your ball gown, tuxedo, or even that really cool blue hoodie you always wear to work! Then we watch all the nominees and witness comedic gold. Our panel of experts will vote on the top movies and declare a winner!

scene stealer img 1
group photo at dinner


Your team has gotten snagged in a wormhole and become unstuck in time. If you don’t get back to the present soon, you will become LOST IN TIME FOREVER.

The only way to return to the present is by tasting the most delicious food in the city, and taking creative photos with their team. Teams use time machines (Ubers) to race around the city to different tasting rooms sampling delectable bites and sips while connecting and engaging with each other.

Keys to victory: Each team must complete 3 restaurant challenges and 3 photo challenges, and return for the prize ceremony. Teams will be ranked based on the completion of the food challenges and the creativity of the photo challenges.

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