Public: Events typically on South Congress Avenue.


Private and nonprofit: Events are in Austin; your choice of Downtown, South Congress, East Austin, or Rainey Street


Corporate team building: Events are in Austin with several neighborhoods to choose from including Downtown, South Congress, East Austin, or Rainey Street. While we are based in Austin, we also run Escape the Box for corporate team building in most major cities, including Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, San Antonio, Kansas City, Portland, Orlando, Las Vegas and Miami.

We can layer our experience on other environments such as museums, resorts, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums, wildlife preserves, and theme parks. We will also write a new Escape the Box experience in a neighborhood of your choosing, just ask!

No. If you’d like to customize something indoors, we can build that, as well.

Public, private or nonprofit event: just click ‘buy now’, and show up wearing weather appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes!  


For a corporate team building event: get a quote, sign a contract and we’ll schedule out a planning meeting with your team. From this, we’ll develop an event plan, set deadlines and keep you updated on our progress. Be sure to ask your group to show up wearing weather appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes. You really don’t have much else to worry about! 

For public, private events: our content is best for age 8 and up, with plenty of supervision. The challenges are not controversial, are PG-rated, and inclusive. Everyone who participates will need to feel comfortable with a moderate amount of walking. We do not allow unaccompanied minors. 1 adult age 25+ must accompany each child 10 and under. 1 adult age 25+ must accompany each team with people aged 11-15. 


For corporate events: The challenges are not controversial, are PG-rated, and inclusive. We have a few options for accommodations. While many people can attend your event in-person, often others need to stay home or have mobility limitations. Though all our events take place onsite, we provide remote or stationary roles that are fun and meaningful.

Yes, we offer discounts for repeat clients, multiple event purchases, and our nonprofit events are discounted. We often have other seasonal or temporary promotions – just ask!

The narrative world you enter begins on the cusp of your graduation from the Pi Institute for Time Travelers. All the challenges and activities you do will be centered around this theme. We use elements of escape rooms like puzzle solving and code breaking. However, we apply that to real areas, not staged ones. It is also like an Escape Room because there is a narrative about an “emergency” that must be solved. Unlike an Escape Room we help you explore a real place. The challenges focus on public art, music, businesses, landmarks and other neighborhood points of interest to create our story. 


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Escape the Box typically runs around 2 hours, but we can customize any timeline to fit  your group’s needs and objectives.

We can absolutely help with this for your private party or corporate event! We have relationships with many venues, restaurants, and hotels. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll gladly give you some great options.

The content we create is funny, irreverent, and uses a variety of media. You might interact with concert posters, telegrams, postcards, movie tickets, maps, newspapers, QR Codes and more. We design and create all materials in-house.  Our challenges and activities consist of puzzle-solving, riddles, way-finding, scavenger hunting, decoding, and creative photos. Our story-driven content is deeply engaging, and effectively drives connectivity within your team.

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